This project was actually born way back in 2008, on my personal blog. My friend Brian said funny things, I recorded them. (Yes, he really did say all of these things!) It was really more for my own amusement than anything, but soon the “Why I Love Brian” (or WILB) entries were piling up, and after moving to New Jersey and looking to stretch my creative muscles again, a friend suggested I turn the WILBs  into a comic strip. I thought that was an awesome idea. With Brian’s permission and approval (although the launch was a surprise birthday gift), I drew up some strips and started this page!

Brian and I are both from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (Go Steelers!). I graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2010 with a BFA in Illustration, and I’m now living in New Jersey, planning my wedding (which is not to Brian)! (You can read more about that here.)