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And with this, I found a look for the art that I like and that feels natural. (Finally.)

Also, this is technically a censored version of the comic, because Brian has weird priorities about what he does and does not want people to know about him. Maybe I can convince him to let me put up the REAL version!

(This comic is dedicated to Kim, who has been wondering where this update has been!)


While you’re at it, vote for my lovely fiance John over at (Go to “vote” and search ‘John’–he’s the one in the vest). He’s participating in a competition to have a part in the American Gods audiobook. Sadly, we were slow on the uptake, and he is WAY far behind on votes, so it would be so helpful if you all would go vote! You can use your Facebook as a login–it takes two seconds! Plus, you can go back every day and vote! Please do so!


As you guys can see, I’ve simplified the design a bit–his eyebrows just get bigger with every drawing I make. (This is a good thing.) Obviously it’s not totally polished or perfect, but the point of this exercise is to draw a lot and make something fun for me and for others. I hope I’ve done that for you!

I like to think of a world...